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5 Great Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

5 Great Benefits of Solar Battery Storage


Solar panels are a great asset to any homeowner. Not only do you generate electricity naturally through the sun, but you ultimately save money on your power bill too!

While solar panels can decrease your energy bills, they don’t typically store the excess energy you create for later use. Unless, that is, you add a battery backup system.

Today’s solar batteries work like any rechargeable battery: they’re recharged by the sun’s power. When the weather is bad or the solar panels aren’t actively producing power, your home’s system draws on the power stored in the batteries.


What are the benefits of a solar battery storage backup?

Solar energy combined with battery operated storage offers several advantages for your solar panel system:

  • Maximizes your solar panels: When there are days that you do not consume as much power in your home, battery backup stores this energy to be used later.
  • Backup for outages: If the power goes out, the battery provides the solar power where you need it the most.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: By installing solar batteries, you reduce your home’s carbon footprint. This is great for anyone that wants to “go green” and reduce pollution.
  • Reduce your power bill: Using batteries to store unused power allows you to run your electricity to power everything from A/C units, to heating your swimming pool costing you less in electric bill charges.
  • Reliability that lasts years: The average solar battery that Sunvena installs lasts 10+ years.


How do I choose the best solar battery?

Three things to consider:

  • Battery type: The most common batteries are Lithium Ion and Lead Acid.
  • Capacity and power: Depending on how much solar energy you want your battery to store will determine how many batteries you need.
  • Battery application: Deciding on how much of solar energy will be used to power your home can determine which battery may be best suited for your home.

SunVena offers Enphase Encharge™ Storage Systems

SunVena is proud to offer one of the industry’s top battery backups for your solar panel system. Depending on your system and the amount of energy storage your home needs, we offer both the Encharge 3™ and the Encharge 10™ Storage System.  The Encharge 3™ provides great flexibility in starting small and adding incremental capacity. The Encharge 10™ is a robust battery system comprised of 3 base Encharge 3™ units designed for whole home backup.

Let the professionals at SunVena help you decide on the right battery for your solar panel system. Call or contact us today.

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