Solar Heating for Your Pool

Heating your pool this winter? Save money & extend your season with solar

Do you plan on heating your pool this winter?

Most homeowners in Florida have two ways to warm their pool; solar panels or electric heaters. Did you know there are other options available utilizing solar energy that are more effectve not only to heat your pool but also your entire home?

When when we meet with potential solar clients, they already have solar panels on their roof to heat their pool. While this can help control your pool temperature most of the year, this solar setup is not the most efficient or safest in the winter months of Florida.

Here’s why:

  • Traditional solar installed on the roof requires more time to filter and effectively come back to heat your pool. On cooler or overcast days in the winter your pool may warm up 5-10 degrees at most (averaging 70-78 degrees for pool temperature)
  • When the occasional ‘cold snaps’ occurs in North and Central Florida, solar pipes that contain water can freeze and cause the pipes to expand and leak.
  • It’s not uncommon for homeowners to discover that their roof or system have damage due to the standing water which will require repair & the replacement of your pool panels.

Using solar power on your electric pool heater

Rather than using the solar panels that pull the water from your pool, through your roof, and back down to your pool to heat it (thermal heating), using solar power generates the electricity needed to operate your pool heat pump instead. This means you can use the power of solar energy to run your ‘electric’ pool heater without using the power company to do it! Not only do you save money generating your own electricity to heat your pool, but SunVena designs your solar energy system to generate enough electric to power your entire home.

Heating a pool or spa with solar energy is eco-friendly, helps increase the value of your home with a pool (even more), and saves you money because you’ll be relying on free energy from the sun instead of purchasing the gas or electric you would otherwise use to heat your pool. Now you can save money while extending your pool season nearly all year long!

These are just some of the benefits of powering your pool using solar energy. To learn more about solar energy in your home, call or contact Sunvena today for your free in-home consultation.

We’ve installed solar panels in homes all over the state of Florida, but primarily serve these Central Florida cities: