Finding a quality solar quote from an accredited company can be confusing!

There are different types of “solar companies” so let’s go over some key differences!

  • Solar Dealers:

    Solar Dealers: These business have permission from various solar panel manufactures to sell their equipment, they are essentially a sales only organization and not directly connected to the company that will install them, they instead partner and contract out the instillation process with a solar installers.

  • Solar Installers

    Solar Installers: These companies focus strictly on the physical instillation of solar panels and other equipment like battery backups. They do not offer solar equipment for sale strictly the installation.

  • Solar Financing

    Solar Financing: Home solar can save you a lot of money period. Most homeowners are not interested in taking money out of their savings for large home projects. Solar financing companies typically partner with Solar Dealer’s to offer their loans to finance a solar project for the homeowner.

  • Solar Engineering & Design

    Solar engineering & design: These company’s work directly for solar dealers to design home solar panel installs and in obtaining all the permissions and permitting needed.

  • Vertically Integrated Solar Companies

    Vertically integrated solar companies: These companies have eliminated all the separated businesses like shown above to offer the most straight forward process for homeowners to go solar. By providing sales, engineering, installation and financing options they can provide a fully transparent offering with accountability over the whole process.


SunVena: Is a vertically integrated home efficiency company.

SunVena Solar

SunVena Roofing

SunVena HVAC

We take all the guess work and unknowns that can happen on a home improvement project like when working with multiple businesses completely out of the equation.

Not only can we provide all necessary parts for your solar purchase from proposal, design, financing, sale, permitting and installation and support. We can even install a new roof if it’s older and needs to be replaced for your project.

If you have an old HVAC and your air conditioner was causing your electrical usage to be higher than necessary we can even replace that to offer you the highest amount of savings possible in the entire industry.

The best part about is we’ve helped homeowners get a new roof, solar panels and a brand new HVAC unit for less than what they were already paying the electric company!

That’s why thousands of homeowners across the state of Florida trusted us for their solar & other home efficiency needs.

People talk now through reviews and rankings more than ever before. Please do yourself a favor and check out what our customers have to say.

We’re proudly the #1 best rated solar company in the COUNTRY at We’re also proudly an “accredited business” with the BBB Better Business Bureau and have achieved the highest possible ranking A+

We’ve installed solar panels in homes all over the state of Florida, but primarily serve these Central Florida cities: