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Power Through Florida Electrical Outages

Florida has one of the highest rates of lightning

1st in Downtime - Florida has the most electrical downtime

30% of Power Outages are Lightning Related

Risk of huricanes and power outages in FL

4.4 million - Florida residents lost power during hurricane Irma

It Took 10 Days to Restore Power to Nearly All of the Affected Homes

Solar Backup Protection
For Your Home

Solar battery backups are similar to gas-powered generators, except they’re powered with clean, renewable energy from the sun. Unlike gas-powered generators, solar home storage batteries can replenish themselves every day with sunlight, providing you with peace of mind and renewable backup power during emergencies.

Enphase home backup energy storage installed on Florida home
Home battery backup installed outdoors
External solar battery

How Energy Storage Works

Backup batteries allow you to store excess solar energy produced by your solar panels to use at a later time of need, whether that’s during a power outage from a thunderstorm or hurricane, at night when your home solar system isn’t producing power, or when utility companies charge high “time-of-use” rates for electricity. Adding battery backup to your solar panel system helps you get the most out of solar and allows you to:
• Reduce your reliance on utility companies and the grid
• Keep your lights and appliances on during electrical outages
• Save you money by avoiding peak kWh rates from utility companies
• Store excess clean energy for emergencies
• Continuously recharge your backup power every sunny day

Which Home Backup is Best?

We only like to carry the best products, and in our opinion, there’s no question that the two best solar backup solutions are Enphase and the Tesla Powerwall. Among other benefits, both options have excellent energy capacities, warranties, and companion apps that provide you control and monitoring of your electricity production and consumption.

Solar battery storage comparison
Solar battery storage comparison
Solar tax savings
Solar tax incetives

Save Big on Home Batteries
With The 30% Federal Tax Credit

Through the Inflation Reduction Act, the 2022 federal tax credit has been increased from 26% to 30%, and solar battery backups for your home are eligible! This is the best opportunity to save. Keep in mind that a tax credit works differently than a tax deduction. A credit means you’ll be directly refunded on your taxes for the qualifying amount. For example, if you pay $15,000 for a solar battery and installation in 2022, you’ll be credited $4,500 on your 2022 tax returns, bringing the cost of your unit down to $11,500.

Can I Still Take Advantage
of Florida Net Metering?

Absolutely. Your solar panels power your home, then fill your backup energy storage reserves, then pass the remaining electricity back to the grid to earn energy credits with the utility company. Learn more about Net Metering.

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