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Getting Started With Solar in Florida

If you’re not familiar with solar panels and solar power, our team excels at explaining solar technology in a way that anyone can understand. The good news is that the systems we install are incredibly simple and easy to use. You don’t need to switch them on in the morning or off at night. The system handles this process seamlessly and automatically.

You also don’t need to worry about switching between solar power and traditional power (“the grid”), as your solar system will determine when to make the switch based on your energy consumption. In fact, a SunVena solar system is very low maintenance and built to last for decades.

How Home Solar Systems Work

How a residential solar system works
How a residential solar system works

Solar panels enable your system to collect energy from the sun. Panels are constructed of layered silicon photovoltaic cells which are energized when hit by sunlight to produce direct current (DC) electricity. This DC electricity is to your residential solar systems inverter. Learn more about solar panel installation.

Microinverters make the power generated by your panels usable for your home. Your home and everyday appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, etc. are all powered by alternating current (AC) electricity. The system’s inverter takes the DC power passed to it by the solar panels and converts it into alternating current (AC) electricity that’s now usable for your home!

Net Meters are used to track the net amount (consumed – contributed) of power your home consumes or contributes to the power grid. When your solar energy system produces more power than you consume it sends the excess electricity to your home battery back-up or to the utility company to earn credits through Net Metering. During low production time periods your home may use power from the utility company which is offset with the energy credits you’ve earned. The meter keeps track of this exchange of power.

The grid refers to the utility company’s electrical network that distributes power from energy sources to homes and businesses. When your solar system produces more power than you consume, it’s sent back to the grid to earn energy credits from the utility company. These credits are used to offset any power your home pulls from the grid during low production time periods, like at night. Adding battery storage to your solar system can help increase your savings and provide more ownership of your energy. Learn about solar battery installation.

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Production Guarantee

SunVena offers the only 25 Year Power Production Guarantee in the industry. Our Florida solar power team designs and engineers a custom solar panel system optimized for your home’s unique energy consumption needs. As part of our commitment to an exceptional customer experience, all system quotes will include a guaranteed number of kWh produced.

If your system does not produce the amount of energy (kWh) guaranteed in our proposal, we will pay the difference in cash.

24/7 Monitoring

The microinverter’s included in your solar system installation include a remote chip that sends continuous status updates and performance metrics to our technicians. If any issues are detected within the system, our technicians are notified immediately and will act quickly to resolve problems.

Homeowners will also receive access to a mobile app where they can monitor solar system performance, energy production, consumption, and more.

Monitor your system production and energy usage through the app
The app allows you to monitor everything

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