Deland Solar Panel Installation

Deland Solar Panel

SunVena is a solar panel installation company with over a decade of experience installing solar panels on new, as well as older & historic homes in Deland, and surrounding cities throughout Volusia County.

Benefits of Solar Energy in Deland

The Sunshine State as it’s known produces on average 237 days of sun!  That is nearly year-round solar energy that can be used to power everything from your appliances, pool pumps & electric cars. Not only can you effectively reduce your electric bill to nearly zero, but you can also sell unused solar energy back to the power company for a credit!

Our Deland solar company follows a 4-step process which provides you accessible and easy-to-understand benefits of solar energy in your home. Once the solar installation process is complete, we provide a 24-hour online monitoring system so you can start enjoying solar energy immediately.

What to look for in a Solar Company?

  1. Experience- A trusted solar company in Deland comes with experience.  SunVena’s engineers & installers come with a combined ‘20 years’ experience.
  2. Knowledge- of the solar industry and the regulations that are ever-changing here in Florida. We provide the tools needed to stay ahead the competition and insure your home has the best solar technology available to you in Central Florida.
  3. Trust- Our solar panel systems are designed to last for decades and are backed by a 25-year warranty.
SunVena - Home Install Aerial Image

Can I finance my solar panels?

Yes! At SunVena we offer some great deals on financing solar panel installation including:

  • $0 Down
  • Financing rates as low as .99%
  • Same as Cash
  • 5–25-year financing terms available

In addition to financing solar panels, there are several tax incentives and rebates offered for residents in Deland. For example, the current federal solar tax credit (known as the Investment Tax Credit) allows for up to a 26% deduction off the cost of solar panel installation. Florida offers property tax exemptions, as well as sales tax exemption (saving you 6% in sales tax)!  In addition, Florida offers net metering.

We’ve installed solar panels in homes all over the state of Florida, but primarily serve these Central Florida cities: