Tesla Powerwall 3 Now Available in Florida: Only Through SunVena Solar

The first completed Powerwall 3 installation in Florida

SunVena Solar is excited to announce the arrival of the Powerwall 3, Tesla Energy’s latest innovation in home energy storage, now exclusively available in Florida through us. As the state’s first and only provider for the initial product launch, we’re proud to bring this improved, affordable, and compact home battery system to Floridian households. Designed for seamless integration and maximum efficiency, the Powerwall 3 promises not just energy storage but a complete transformation in how you power your home.

What Makes Powerwall 3 Special?

More than just an upgrade, Powerwall 3 revolutionizes home energy storage with an integrated solar inverter, offering 20-30% more power and unparalleled efficiency. Other Powerwall 3 key benefits include:

Cost-Effective Design

Engineered for affordability without compromising quality, ensuring whole-home backup is more accessible.

  • Simple Installation:  A self-contained unit with a fully integrated solar inverter simplifies installation.
  • Maximum Power Per Unit: One unit has the storage capacity and efficiency to provide backup power for the entire home
  • Easy System Expansion:  Easily add up to 4 units to meet growing energy needs.

Electricity Bill Savings

Powerwall 3 isn’t just about energy storage—it’s your partner in reducing electricity bills. With its advanced features, you can look forward to significant savings.

  • Efficient Solar Energy Storage: The built-in solar inverter enhances the conversion of solar energy into electricity, capturing more solar power than ever before.
  • Personalized Savings: Leveraging data on your past energy use and local weather forecasts, Powerwall 3 automatically optimizes your energy storage for maximum savings.
  • Sellback and Grid Sharing: Benefit from smarter energy use by selling excess power back to the grid or participating in grid support programs, all optimized by Powerwall 3 for the best possible savings on your bill.

Durable Design

Designed for reliability and durability, it can withstand Florida’s extreme weather conditions.

  • Extreme Weather Ready: From high humidity to soaring temperatures, Powerwall 3 provides dependable energy storage and backup.
  • Flood Resistant Shell: Its robust design ensures functionality in up to 28 inches of water, giving you peace of mind during Florida storms.

Whole-Home Backup Protection

A single unit can provide whole-home backup protection during a grid outage.

  • One Unit Powers One Home: Each unit has the storage capacity and efficiency to provide backup protection to an entire home.
  • Immediate Response: Powerwall 3 kicks in the moment an outage is detected, ensuring no disruption to your home’s energy supply.
  • Prepared for the Unexpected: When bad weather is forecasted, Powerwall 3 automatically charges to full capacity, ensuring you’re always ready.

One Integrated Ecosystem

Powerwall 3 does more than power your home; it seamlessly integrates with your EV for a complete, sustainable energy ecosystem.

  • Solar-Powered Charging: Charge your EV with surplus solar energy, ensuring your car is powered as cleanly as your home.
  • Off-Grid Charging: Even during grid outages, keep your EV charged with solar energy.
  • Powershare: Powerwall 3 and Powershare-enabled EVs can share energy, extending the backup capacity of your home in an outage.

Join the Energy Revolution with SunVena Solar

Embrace the future of home energy with Tesla’s Powerwall 3, brought to you exclusively by SunVena Solar. Don’t miss the chance to be among the first in Florida to upgrade your home with the most advanced, efficient, and reliable energy storage solution available. With our expert team, seamless installation process, and commitment to excellence, we’re ready to guide you on your journey toward energy independence. Contact us today to order Powerwall 3 or for your free, no-obligation solar estimate, and let’s power the future together.

Why Choose SunVena?

  • Florida’s exclusive Powerwall 3 dealer: Be among the first in the state to experience this cutting-edge technology.
  • Expert solar consultants: Our team will design a personalized solar and battery storage system that fits your needs and budget.
  • Seamless installation: Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our certified technicians.
  • Exceptional service: We’re committed to your satisfaction, providing ongoing support and maintenance.
  • Proven track record: With over 1,000 Powerwall and Solar Roof installations across Florida and over 875 Google reviews, our average customer rating is 4.9 stars.