The Truth About “Free” Solar Panels in Florida

Free solar panels Florida

Key Points

  • “Free solar panels” are misleading: Offers often involve leases, not ownership, and lack tax credits/property value boost.
  • Florida solar panel systems costs range from $20,000 to $50,000: Consider system size, panel quality, and installation complexity.
  • Solar power systems can still be worth it: Make sure to consult with a reputable solar company for a home assessment and quote.
  • Tax credits aren’t “free money”: They are 30% credits on eligible systems, not government payments.
  • Florida solar incentives can reduce the cost of solar: Explore financing options like PACE programs and utility incentives.
  • Long-term savings are real: Research options and work with licensed installers for accurate estimates.

Can You Get Solar Panels for Free in Florida?

A wave of deceptive practices from lead generation and low-quality solar companies has emerged with the growing interest in home energy systems. As a solar company that provides services statewide, “How do I get free solar panels?” has become a question we are being asked more and more by homeowners. If you’ve been looking into solar for your home, you’ve likely seen the ads for “free solar panels,” but we assure you no, you can’t get solar panels free in Florida, or in any state for that matter.

While solar panels aren’t free, Florida homeowners can reallocate what they are paying the electric company to pay for their solar panels and save substantially on their energy costs. There is also zero-down solar financing or solar leases like PPAs. Below, we take a deeper dive into the complexities behind the notion of free solar panels and examine the actual costs associated with solar panel installation in Florida.

Upfront Costs of Solar Panels in Florida

The price of solar panels in Florida varies based on system size, panel quality, and installation complexity. For an average home in Orlando or Tampa, FL, a 10 kWh system may range from $20,000 to $50,000 before tax savings, contingent upon installation complexity, backup battery, and other details.

Savings From Federal Solar Tax Credits

The federal solar tax credit, often misrepresented by scammers, allows Florida homeowners a tax credit on home energy systems and solar batteries. This is not a “free” solar program, but it can be viewed as an incentive to transition to solar power. If eligible for the tax credit, you can receive a tax credit of up to 30% of the total cost of your solar system. Learn more about solar tax credits.

Understanding Solar Power Purchase Agreements

Often, no-cost or zero-down solar programs are usually solar power purchase agreements or leasing programs. In these arrangements, a company installs solar panels at a residence, covering the associated costs. The homeowner, in turn, leases the system. This enables a switch to solar without upfront costs, but it comes with significant drawbacks.

For instance, homeowners in these programs cannot claim solar tax credits nor benefit from increased property value, as the panels are not theirs to keep upon selling the house. While technically “no-cost,” these programs do not offer substantial benefits to Florida homeowners.

Are Free Solar Panels Available in Florida?

There are no programs in Florida offering completely free solar panels. However, financial assistance programs exist, like the Florida Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, which enables homeowners to finance solar panel installation via property tax assessments. Additionally, some utilities provide incentives or rebates for solar installations, like Duke Energy’s solar rebate program.

Conclusions on “No-Cost” Solar Programs

While solar panels in Florida are not free, the long-term savings can be considerable. Homeowners interested in solar energy should research incentives and financing options. Collaborating with a licensed solar installer like SunVena Solar can provide accurate cost estimates and safeguard against misleading solar companies and lead brokers.

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